Set of 5 Cheese Markers
25 GBP

These cheese markers have been upcycled from vintage fork handles! Fabulous for parties and get togethers when the cheese and biscuits come out, guests can identify which cheese is which and they look lovely too! 

 Please note, handle designs will vary from pictures, as each order will depend on my stock, but they will all be equally as pretty!! This order is for fork handles only, not the prongs as in the picture. 

 You can choose from 2 sets...

 Set 1, Strong, Mild, Creamy, Gooey, Stinky

 Set 2, Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Stilton, Brie

 If you would like custom markers, please drop me an email.





These are used, vintage forks with plenty of history. There may be slight plate loss and markings.
Fork designs will vary according to my stock.
Each letter is handstamped individually, so imperfections and misalignment may be visible